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Massage therapy is a proven, non invasive way to reduce stress  levels in
our bodies.  Many studies have shown that massage therapy can play a
pivotal role in reducing harmful levels of  stress hormones in the body
while increasing levels of Endorphins. Massage is a proven discipline
within the medical community with scientific evidence supporting the use of
massage for stress management.
Pain Relief...according to the American Massage Therapy Association,
Low-back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Post-operative Pain, Tension Headaches and Arthritis
suffers can find an increase in relief by using Massage Therapy as an integrated
therapy solution. U.S. Research shows that massage therapy can help decrease
pain, reduce disability and lower anxiety/depression and show signs of improving
the quality of life in many patients.
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Cupping  $15
Hot Stones $15
When we say 60 or 90 minutes, thats a full 60/90 minutes "hands-on"!
Specializing in :HOT Stones, Cupping, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre & Post Natal and
Neuromuscular (NMT)
60 Minute Massage