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The Best Full Body Massage Therapists in Rock Hill SC

Our full body massage Rock Hill SC team provides you with pure relaxation, comfort, and pain relief with 60 to 90-minute FULL hands-on massage therapy. Massage therapy is a proven, non-invasive way to reduce stress levels in our bodies. Many studies have shown that massages can play a pivotal role in reducing harmful levels of stress hormones in the body, while increasing levels of endorphins. Studies also show that low-back pain, fibromyalgia, tension headaches, and arthritis pain can be reduced by using massage therapy. Call our massage spa in Rock Hill SC to schedule your appointment today!

Massage Spa in Rock Hill SCRelax and enjoy one of the best massages in Rock Hill, a Swedish Massage! A Swedish Massage melts away muscle tension while increasing the blood flow to your heart. Our knowledgeable massage therapists have the expertise to identify trigger points in any area of discomfort or tension, while also decreasing muscle toxins, increasing oxygen levels in the blood, and improving flexibility in the body. Whether you are wanting relief from stiffness in the muscles, or just wanting to drive away stress and anxiety, our full body massage Rock Hill SC team can help.

30-Minute: $45.00     60-Minute: $75.00     90-Minute: $105.00 

As the #1 massage spa in Rock Hill SC, we also offer deep tissue massages. A Deep Tissue Massage is a technique to release areas of strain in the muscle. This is a great solution for muscles spasms, muscle pain, and restoring strength. Keep in mind, deep tissue Massages can be painful at first, communication is key in this form of massage. Your massage therapist will customize their pressure for a therapeutic relief of muscle pain. Always discuss with your massage therapist if you feel there should be more or less pressure applied. If you are suffering from TMJ, you may want to go see a Rock Hill dentist, but if you suffer from lower back pain, carpal tunnel symptoms, hip pain, or even headaches, call today to schedule an appointment for a deep tissue massage.

30-Minute: $55.00     60-Minute: $85.00     90-Minute: $115.00 

Pregnancy can be a joyful time, but it also brings a lot of stress and tension to your body. As the #1 provider for body massages in Rock Hill SC, we want to help you relax, release physical and emotional stress, and improve circulation. Our knowledgeable massage therapists can bring relief to aching muscles during pregnancy. Expecting mothers who are close to or past their due date could also benefit from a prenatal massage. Being able to relax is a major key to starting the process, in addition to activating some key pressure points that may help move things along. Although we want to be able to offer this fabulous service to all of those expecting, the most important thing is keeping mom and baby safe by following these strict guidelines:

- You must be through 1st trimester, so at least 13 weeks pregnant.
- If you have issues with spotting, cramping, high blood pressure, or gestational diabetes: you need to have a doctor’s release form.

Call the best massage spa Rock Hill SC has to offer today, and start your journey to feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated during your pregnancy.

60-Minute: $75.00     90-Minute: $105.00

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